9 Areas Treated For Just $499!

Lose 2" or it's FREE!

  • Noninvasive sculpting that gives you a natural slimmer appearance 

  • Upper Abs - Lower Abs
  • Upper Back - Lower Back
  • Left & Right Flanks
  • Left and Right Thighs
  • ButtocksThighsThighs
  • Conveniently located in East Orlando 

  • Same day results

  • Discount packages available 

  • 6 months intrest free financing
  • Call today (407) 627 1166

Benefits of Our Procedure

No Pain - No Downtime -  No Drugs

Non-Invasive, does not require surgery

Enhance the shape & contour of your body

Same day results !

Why Choose Us?

Our procedure is affordable, safe, effective, and fast acting.


We are the only clinic to offer a GUARANTEE.  Lose 2" inches or more on your first full body treatment or it's FREE! No questions asked.



Others charge per area. We treat it all for one low price. 



Red light is FDA cleared. It will not damage  the fat cell. There are little to no side effects from our procedure.



Same day guaranteed results. No waiting days or weeks. You will lose 2- 5 inches on your first treatment.


Real Results

Laser Lipo - Before And After

  • Side.png
  • Karin side.png
  • Jenn Front.png
  • Sam side.png
  • 2012-11-01 lateral.png
  • 2.jpg
  • front.png
  • 4957cc75-cacd-443b-9ff9-e86f0d2f3c02.jpg
  • Amanda Side.png

Real Reviews

See what our customers say

Jeannette Perez

It's A Non-Invasive Procedure

At Orlando Laser Lipo we use a combination of red light and infra-red light that is FDA approved for fat reduction.

How does it work?

Our dvice uses a combination of LED and infra red light. It is a non-invasive procedure. There is no pain, or downtime. Immediate fat loss without, dieting, exercising, drugs, or even surgery. Through our procedure most patients lose 2"-5" on their first visit.

Lets Get Started!

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The first step is to fill out your contact information and give us a time and date that you would like your appointment. We will be back with you shortly, and we look forward to helping you to get the body and look you always wanted!

1850 N. Alafya Trail, 1B

Orlando, FL 32826

Telephone:  (407) 627-1166 


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