One Treatment Includes 6 Areas For Only $299*

Offer Ends 12/31

Lose At Least 2” On Your First Treatment Or It’s FREE! *

Same Day Results

Sound Too Good To Be True? It's Not!

One Treatment Includes:

Upper/Lower Abdomen

Upper/Lower Back​​​​​​​


Plus Our Guarantee

No Gimmicks or Fine print

Just Results

You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Fat

 NO downtime

No Pain

No Surgery

​​​​​​​No Drugs

 Affordable Financing Available

Thousands of Procedures Performed

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Lose excess fat in ONE DAY!

Are You Serious About Body Contouring


Why Orlando Laser Lipo?




More Affordable:   More areas for less.  We offer the most affordable body contouring/sculpting in central Florida. 


Safe:   Red Light is FDA cleared. It will not damage the fat cell.  This is important. With our device if you were to gain the weight back, you would return to your original appearance. Procedure’s that damage the fat cell will redeposti unevenly. This will be extremely unsightly in the area that was treated.  The remaining fat cells will fill up, and cause a bumpy appearance. Once they fill up, fat will also go to other parts of your body like the arms, legs, buttocks, and any area that was not treated. Ultra Slim is the most natural way to reduce fat. There are no side effects.


Effective:   Same day guaranteed results. No waiting days or weeks. You will lose 2- 5 inches on your first treatment.


Guaranteed:   If you don’t lose at least 2” on your first full body treatment, you don’t pay. No questions asked!


Fast Same Day Results:   One full body treatment only takes 32 minutes. During your procedure you can listen to music, talk on your phone, or just relax. No painful poking, sucking, heating, or freezing of your skin.





Immediate results

Non invasive

No Drugs



No Pain


FDA Cleared

No Downtime

No diet or exercise

Our guarantee: Lose 2 or more inches on your first full body treatment, or it’s FREE!



Still not sure?


Is anyone else offering you a guarantee?


So what are you waiting for?


You have nothing to lose but FAT


You Deserve This!!!

Check Out Our New Patient Specials



Lets Get Started! email  info@orlandolaserlipo.com

Call Us  407 627 1166


Be the Best You Can Be!



We don't charge "per area"  like others do. We include your entire body.


ORLANDO LASERLIPO is dedicated to bringing the latest, safest and most powerful technology to give you the body you have dreamed of.  Our procedures are completely non-invasive.  There is no pain, no downtime or recovery time.*

*Disclaimer: If you do not have a 2"-5" loss on your first full body procedure, there will be no charge!  Period, end of story!

*Patients must have adequate fat deposits to qualify for the 2"-5" guarantee. Call for details.

*Subsequent results vary from patient to patient and are dependent on many factors, including compliance with our protocols.

*8 Areas special does nto include arms, face. or lower legs.


A 3.5" loss is equal to 1.5 liters of fat!*

Click on the New Patient Specials tab and see how you can test drive our technology for not much money!

*Results vary from patient to patient and are dependent on many factors, including compliance with our protocols.  Contact us for more details.