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*Results vary from patient to patient and are dependent on many factors, including compliance with our protocols.  Contact us for more details.

After being involved with weight loss through Lifestyle Management Therapy for over 14 years, we heard a cry from our patients to shed the undesirable fat that some were having trouble eliminating.  The current options that we looked at were either dawnting (traditional surgical liposuction) or had less than stellar results (surgical liposuction and most laser units).  If you have ever seen the lumpy, unflattering results of surgical lipo, or gone through multiple laser procedures with little result, you know what I mean.


We felt that surely there must be a solution.  After exhhaustive research in the available technologies, we discovered the the Ultra Slim.  A unit that not only is patented for fat loss, it also has FDA clearances for immediate fat loss, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles through skin rejuvenation.  All with no surgery, pain or down time..... AND it got results from day 1!  It seemed a little too good to be true, but it was definitely worth investigating.


And investigate we did.  Endless phone calls to doctors who had the Ultra Slim in their practices.  Seeking out patients who had gone through the procedure and countless calls to the inventor.  All pointed in the same direction.  It worked, and worked brilliantly.


That took us on a trip to experience the procedure for ourselves.  Sure enough, a loss of almost 3" was recorded in less than 40 minutes of treatment .  We were sold, and now we are offering it  here in Orlando.  Whether you have had laser liposuction in the past, or you are new to the procedure, we know you will be both amazed and delighted with the results.  You have experienced nothing like the Photonica Professional.  We are pleased to bring this amazing technology to you.


Ultra Slim  is THE ONLY FDA CLEARED non invasive device for immediate fat removal!  A 3.5" loss is equal to 1.5 liters of fat!!



What to expect on day 1


Many of our new patients want to know what they can expect on their first visit at Orlando LASERLIPO.  We have a great, no stress environment, that you will love coming to.


We start everyone with a consultation, where you will learn about the technology we use as well as how it will work on your body.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations.   Our highly trained and experienced technition will assess and make recommendations as to how to best achieve those goals.


If we accept you as a candidate for the procedure, we can usually start treatment on the first visit.  Your tech will take measurements of specific sites on your body and take 'before' pictures.  Your full body procedure will last just under 1 hour.  It is pain free, completely non-invasive and extremely relaxing.


After the procedure, post mesurements are taken.  A loss of 2"-5" is what we see on the first visit.  You will be given post procedure instructions on how to maximize results.  Your next  appointment is scheduled and back to the rest of your day, you go!


What Happens to Your Fat Cells During Treatment... 


During the procedure, the light will penetrate your skin and when the fat cells are exposed, they are 'tricked into believing that your body is in a state of famine and needs energy.  At that point a temporary pore is created in the cell's membrane.  Following the procedure and for the next 48 to 72 hours the fat cells will drain their contents, thereby shrinking the cells.  The contents are picked up by the lymphatic system, processed through liver and excreted through sweat and urine.  All with no pain, no surgery and no downtime.  For those techies out there, here's what the cells look like as they go through the procedure.

...And For the Techies.  FDA Findings on Low Level Laser Therapy        

Several published studies have revealed a unique biological effect in adipocytes following low-level laser stimulation. Dr. Rodrigo Neira and  coworkers were able to demonstrate that low-level laser light at 635nm emulsified isolated adipose panicles.  Scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) revealed the collapse of fat-filled adipocytes in panicle arrangements following 6 minutes of laser irradiation.

Dr. Niera identified the formation of an aperture or transitory pore within the membrane of adipocytes following LLLT, and showed the movement of stored adipocyte contents across the membrane and into the extracellular space.

Dr. Niera concluded that adipocyte collapse was the result of the disrupted adipocyte membrane induced by laser irradiation.  Work published by Dr. Solarte (2002) studied the visible light transmission spectra for different dissolution concentrations of adipocytes and observed changes in the optical transmittance of irradiated samples, and confirmed that morphological changes of adipocytes were the result of laser therapy.

A placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical investigation revealed that low-level laser irradiation could serve as an independent, non-invasive instrument for the reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue.

How Many Procedures until I See Results?

Everyone is different.  However, most patients when they get up after their first procedure notice their results right away, especially in the lower abdomen.

During your consultation you will be assessed as to the quantity and type of fat that you have.  We are very sensitive to the areas and results that you are trying to achieve.  These prøcedures are all about our patient's satisfaction.  After your first procedure we will advise you of the number and frequency of treatments you may need to get you to your goal.   

Results vary from patient to patient and are based on many factors, not the least of which is the patient compliance to the protocols that you need to comply with during treatment.  Everything we advise you to do will be to maximiize your result.  The more you adhere to the protocol, the better your result.

What Makes Our Technology Better Than The Alternatives?

Our patented UltraSlim technology delivers better results than surgery, and without the dangers and downtime. 

Immediate results without diet or exercise, patients permanently lose an average of 3.4" of fat at the very first session.

*Lose more fat than with surgery -- more than one liter at the first session!
*No pain, no needles, no surgery, no downtime, no side effects, no regrets
*Unlike other technologies, UltraSlim does not touch the body, but uniformly covers an area 23" by 17"
*Use your UltraSlim success to jumpstart lifestyles changes to maintain and improve your health and body image

*UltraSlim painlessly reduces fat in the tissue under the skin. UltraSlim allows the body to safely eliminate fat while reducing inches from target areas, slimming, and reshaping body lines while tightening and toning loose skin.

A revolutionary method that delivers results while allowing patients to remain active during treatment, UltraSlim supports physicians in their quest to deliver optimum care and well being to their patients. The fat cells are drained of triglycerides and fatty acids — in the areas treated with the red light and throughout the body, due to a chemical process that also improves cholesterol and reduces hunger.